Ironic image of file sharing killing music.

Transmission BitTorrent Daemon on a Raspberry Pi

These days streaming services are so well established that one rarely needs to fallback to file sharing. But Big Content usually decides which content is good on a whim. And if you want to watch an old movie or a special edition recording not available for streaming, well, tough luck.

Slackware (and Pi-Hole!) on a Raspberry Pi

An appliance (read: homepod, alexa, etc.) is not a stripped down computer. It’s a fully functional computer with spyware on it out-of-the-box.

Cory Doctorow, The coming war on general computation.

PS Vita with pirate flag splash screen.

PS Vita Hack

This is meant to keep a record of my PS Vita config, as the process is rather nuanced and I tend to forget after not using it for a while.

My First Roadtrip

It is usual that the first roadtrip is full of accidents, shortcomings, misunderstandings and alike. Mine was no different.

Write Your Own CI/CD pipeline

I was bored and wanted to get some kicks so I decided to automate the deployment of a cron(8) job I have running on a server, so in this post we see how to setup a CI/CD pipeline relying on GitLab Webhooks and custom deployment scripts.